Bocouture® is the only pure botulinum toxin product. Bocouture® delivers desirable results without unnecessary impurities such as complexing proteins, which have no role in therapeutic effect. The efficacy of Bocouture® has been proven extensively and it is the only neurotoxin approved for the combined treatment of upper facial lines, which include horizontal forehead lines, glabellar frown lines and crow’s feet lines. Bocouture® support current clinical practice by providing safe and effective treatments. It delivers consistent and reliable results leaving physicians and patients completely satisfied.

Bocouture® is a highly stable product that does not require refrigeration. Unopened Bocouture® can be stored at room temperature.

The difference of Bocouture®

The unique manufacturing process of Bocouture® removes complexing proteins, which are not needed for desired therapeutic effect.

  • Complexing proteins are foreign proteins with the potential to stimulate neutralising antibodies
  • Formation of neutralising antibodies to neurotoxin may result in partial or complete treatment failure

Frequently Asked Questions

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Pure botulinum toxin therapy is widely used to improve the appearance of frown lines and crow’s feet lines in adults, by injecting tiny amounts into the face. The treatment uses the only purified botulinum toxin currently available; incobotulinumtoxinA.

As we grow older, the skin begins to lose volume and elasticity. Dynamic lines begin to form with the activity of facial muscles, which eventually become static lines that are visible without muscle activity. Botulinum toxin A, the active ingredient of incobotulinumtoxinA, acts on nerve endings in facial muscles and prevents them from contracting. The reduction in muscle activity temporarily softens lines in the face, giving you a natural, refreshed appearance.

Pure botulinum toxin therapy uses incobotulinumtoxinA – A highly purified botulinum toxin product that is free of impurities, known as complexing proteins. Such impurities are not needed for therapeutic effect and have the potential to cause re-treatment to be less effective, or not work at all. Pure botulinum toxin therapy will give you the results you want, using the purest ingredients possible. If you feel this could be right for you, make sure you ask your practitioner.

Pure botulinum toxin therapy will not affect your ability to frown or smile, it will simply lessen the appearance of creases during these moments. The latest clinical data showed that women were perceived to be younger, healthier and more attractive following treatment. The effects of pure botulinum toxin therapy are rapid and will be noticeable within 2-3 days following treatment, with maximum effect visible after around a month. Re-treatment will be required around 4 months after the initial treatment, with the effects gradually wearing off during this time. However, the duration of effect will vary between individuals, so ask your practitioner when re-treatment is recommended for you.

Pure botulinum toxin therapy using incobotulinumtoxinA is well tolerated and approved by the FDA in America and the EMA in Europe. In order to obtain such approval, incobotulinumtoxinA was extensively tested to prove its effectiveness and tolerability. IncobotulinumtoxinA was the first cosmetic neurotoxin to be scientifically validated using the most stringent and rigorous FDA criteria. IncobotulinumtoxinA was approved for use in facial aesthetics in 2011

Treatment areas

Pure botulinum toxin therapy is an effective facial aesthetic treatment that delivers long-term results. Click on the pictures below to see some before and after photos with Bocouture®.